Michael Krebs as Abraham
                    LincolnWith Lincoln Productions
Michael Krebs as Abraham
Michael Krebs, producer of With Lincoln Productions has portrayed President Abraham Lincoln for various occasions throughout the United States since 1994.
2016 credits him portraying Lincoln in the new NBC show, Timeless episode: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Michael recently recited Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
in March, 2015. The event  sponsored by the Lincoln Group of Washington D.C., the National Archives and National Parks Service. This preceded by his performance  in the Lincoln Inauguration Sesquicentennial events, March 5, 2011 in Washington DC for  inaugural swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol. Other accolades include Lincoln portrayal in 2014 theatrical film Field of Lost Shoes. Also at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, Springfield, Illinois, in 2005 grand  opening and their 2015 record breaking attendance during 10th anniversary day. 2009 found him celebrating every day by taking photos with hundreds of thousands during the week of ALPLM's  Lincoln Bicentennial. Stage performances at the Hoover Presidential Library, Gerald Ford Museum, Gettysburg, New Salem Historic Site, Harold Washington Library, and an extended run in Chicago.  Debra Ann Miller as Mary Todd Lincoln accompanies Krebs in taking educational programs to hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. 
Working with Chicago History Museum since 1996, Michael first appeared weekly in the Voices From History Program, portraying President Lincoln in the highly successful exhibits “The Last Best Hope of Earth: Abraham Lincoln and the Promise of America” 
Michael and Debra have performed the LIncolns at CHM every Presidents' Day for the past two decades. Look for Michael to recite Lincoln speeches in CHM's opening of new Lincoln exhibit April 8, 2016
Michael participated with Library of Congress in 1998 recording
Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library.  As a guest speaker at Carl Sandburg College, he was part of President Clinton's address in January of 1995.  Prior, he portrayed candidate Lincoln in the 1994 C-Span live broadcast re-enactment of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate held at Knox College.  Appearing as Lincoln in The History Channel's Conspiracy Lincoln Assassination. Out of country conjunction with Government of the State of Puebla  in Sesquicentennial of Cinco de Mayo Commemoration 2011, in Puebla, Mexico.  Also a 2014 video Enjoy Illinois filmed in Toronto, Canada for promotion to travel to Illinois.

Like Mr. Lincoln, Michael stands 6'4" without his boots.

Michael Krebs and Michael
                                      Tank of WAWV ABC
Chicago MagazineCHICAGO MAGAZINE  October 2016
by Rod O’Connor
Michael Krebs gives us the honest truth of making a living as the Great Emancipator. “I can always feel when I’m being watched,” Krebs says while we make our way to Starbucks to fetch him a much-needed cup o’ joe. As the 16th president of the United States waits in line for a latte, a small crowd gathers for pictures and handshakes."
December 2016
By Correspondent Michael Tank
Abraham Lincoln continues to have a lasting impact on American culture.  His name and likeness is used on currency, cities and cars.   But for one Illinois man, Abraham Lincoln is his life, honestly.  Mike Tank introduces us to him in this installment of "Wandering Wabash." Michael Krebs makes about 50 appearances each year at schools.  He also is in demand for other public appearances and he continues to receive opportunities to appear in commercials, movies and TV shows.

 Re-election of President Abraham
 Perfect speeches to reach across time and reflect his words to our fragile existence today.
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Visiting the Lincolns
a play by James Clark
Michael Krebs and Debra Ann Miller portray President Abraham Lincoln and First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln. This program is recommended for indoor staged special events, museum, library, banquet, and civic programming.  Suitable for all ages.

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review excerpt FIELD OF LOST SHOES
  "It takes a while for the script to lay out the deep historical context of this true story set in 1864. But things kick in once Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant (Tom Skerritt), recently appointed by a beleaguered Abraham Lincoln (Michael Krebs), orders Union troops to advance into Virginia's pristine Shenandoah Valley."

edited clip from  FIELD OF LOST SHOES
Michael Krebs as President Lincoln and Tom Skerritt as General Grant


edited clip from  TIMELESS - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


TIMELESS - "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

Commecial, playlist

Playlist of commercials featuring Michael Krebs

Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln in TIMELESS - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (2016) NBC

Abraham Lincoln
                          presenter Michael Krebs at First Division
Michael Krebs at Civil War Symposium, Cantigny First Division Museum
Abraham Lincoln presenter Michael
                              Krebs at Chicago History MuseumMichael Krebs with some new friends at Chicago History Museum

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