C-SPAN Lincoln-Douglas Debates, October 8, 1994. Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois

Climbing out the window of the Old Main Building, 
as Abraham Lincoln did in 1858. 

"Now I can say that I have successfully
passed through college."
                 Abraham Lincoln

"Having the only original site demanded accuracy, and the people of
Galesburg were so committed. Knox College is known for connections with Lincoln. I felt so honored to have that challenge. What greater stage could you have? 
Michael Krebs

Larry Diemer as Stephen Douglas with the great people of Galesburg, IL
two douglas
                    decendantsrobert dick douglas
Ten Douglas descendants (two pictured above) made
the trip to
Galesburg for the 1994 reenactment.
Robert Dick Douglas (Great-grandson to Stephen Douglas) was the first to greet Michael Krebs and Larry Diemer as they left the stage following their performance.

This page is dedicated to the late Ted Hippely, Director of the 1994 Galesburg Debate.

October 7, 1858 Mr. Douglas spoke for an hour, Mr. Lincoln for an hour and a half, and Mr. Douglas replied for another half hour. Between 15,000 and 20,000 people witnessed the event. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates continues to be a C-Span most popular series, considered a classic program on their web site.

You may now watch the entire 3 hour reenactment on the C-SPAN web site!
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C-SPAN Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Galesburg. October 8, 1994

Here are a few titled video clips from the Galesburg Debate

July 25th, 2009
Rick Kogan Hosts Newberry Freedom Fest in Bughouse Square
Abraham Lincoln mopped the street with Judge Stephen Douglas. Two great actors, in 19th Century dress, reenacted the The Fifth Debate(Galesburg) of the Great Lincoln Douglas Debates.
Chicago Daily Observer

William L. Brown crafted this notecard and logo for C-SPAN to commemorate the network's 1994 coverage of the Lincoln-Douglas debate reenactments, This one in an eight-card series which includes representations of the seven original senatorial debate sites of 1858, and the Illinois state capital, Springfield .  The artist has created award-winning scratchboard illustrations since 1987